by Cereal Box Heroes

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This is not an album


released January 22, 2016

Mixed by Petros Vinakos "Destiny Studio"
Mastered by Troy Glessner "Spectre Mastering"



all rights reserved


Cereal Box Heroes London, UK


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Track Name: How I Feel
Everytime I've bothered to try
I just end up humiliated
Now no more I've grown so bored of
Your lies, your tricks, manipulation

You think you're the best
Above everyone
You don't have a clue
You're some any cunt
I never thought this would last
Or that this could be real
Cutting you out of my life
Is my big reveal

Maybe someday
You'll see how your stupid ways
Got you caught up in this pool of shit
Because you're full of it
And it'll never hit
It's too late
It's time to quit
Because you'll die like this
And I don't wanna see you around

You never cared 'bout how I feel
And I don't think that you can heal
All the fucked up parts of my heart
Cos it's too damn broken and battered
I bet you never thought this would be
The final thing you heard from me
If you're listening and this hurts you
I want you to know I'm not sorry...
Track Name: Detend (Bonus)
I don't know what to write about
Nothing good ever comes out my mind
My mouth
They're blocked
I hate it
Sometimes I just wanna quit
Before I've even started to live
My life
My dreams

While nothing ever changes
These names and empty places
I'm sick and tired of seeing these same damn faces
I think I'm done with life
Just wanna pass it by
Do nothing and rot until I die

And I'm struggling
To find the words for the rest of this song
And I can't depend on anyone

I dunno what to do
I dunno what to say
What's the point of anything anyway?
Everything is great
Things are going fine
So why the fuck do I still feel this way?

I can't depend anymore
I can't pretend anymore
I can't depend anymore
I can't detend anymore